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Dia Elis (Organic Extra Virgin Olive) packaging based on Doric Columns concept

The Gift of Ancient Heritage 

Dia Elis Logo

From the land that hosted the great athletic games of antiquity


From the land that praised Peace, Justice and Armistice

From the land that honored the female priestess and athlete

Doric Columns Amongst Beautiful Pink Flowers at Olympia Archaeological Site of Greece.

Our Philosophy

Olive Oil was originally offered as a gift to the Gods. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as we know it today, is an elixir that nourishes and uplifts the body and soul.

Dia Elis is the gift of Ancient Greek Heritage to civilization. 

A lighthouse of culture, health and beauty.



Dia Elis Extra Virgin Olive bottles

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Dia Elis Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium, organic olive juice of the Koroneiki variety, loaded with beneficial phenols and thus a Health Claim Indication (EU 432/2012).
Rich in antioxidants, delicious on all dishes, Dia Elis balances high phenolic content and aromatic complexity with a high gastronomic experience. 


The Art of Giving

olive oil drop



"Every authentic work of art is a gift offered to the future"

- Albert Camus -

Dia Elis Olive oil stamp of packaging
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