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Our Philosophy

Dia Elis represents the Gift of Ancient Greek Heritage to civilization, it is a lighthouse of culture, health and beauty that nourishes and uplifts the Body, Mind and Soul.  

a spoon of virgin olive oil


To bring high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with a plethora of scientifically acknowledged health benefits closer to people worldwide.

To create ambassadors of ancient Greek heritage and the Mediterranean Diet all over the world.

To raise awareness for the daily consumption of EVOO.


Our olive grove is a junction of Greek culture and civilization. Dia Elis EVOO is a product that combines the history, the Mediterranean lifestyle and the health benefits offering at the same time a delicious everyday condiment that makes any food tastier. Our Vision is to see a Dia Elis bottle in every kitchen in the world. A bottle that will represent the Greek culture and will improve the health and everyday life of many people around the world. 

Dia Elis packaging photo

We care for people, the planet & the future

We follow farming in harmony with nature by restoring the soil food web. Dia Elis proudly participates in Greece’s contributions to the global regenerative farming sector. We grow and nurture our groves while regenerating soil and preserving biodiversity, transforming barren soils into abundant ones, mindfully honoring the conservation of finite resources and the protection of the natural environment for future generations. Biodiversity is essential for clean air, fresh water, good soil quality and crop pollination. We commit to combating climate change by countering the adversaries of biodiversity which include deforestation, intensive monoculture, and desertification.

Contemporary sustainability science is rewiring our awareness of the inter-relationship of the species that collectively maintain the food web. Just as humans and many species are connected by a web of consumption, so is the soil made up of a web of giving and taking nutrients from one species to another. Regenerative farming takes responsibility for regenerating the soil biome, cultivating healthy balanced earth,  support’s nature’s intelligence and smooth operating system. 

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