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The Art of Giving

What makes for a truly rich life? The answers to this question are as vast as the number of footsteps in time, but we can all agree that a generous disposition will bring a wealth of the immaterial sort, of a higher value and with deeper meaning. We believe that the Art of Giving is powerful enough to change the world one gift at a time. Whether the item that travels from one hand to the other is an object of munificence or magnificence, the transference of goodwill is capable of enlightening its surroundings.

Dia Elis is an object of high aesthetics and full of symbolism. A handmade ceramic bottle in the form of an archaic Greek column is completed by an origami paper capital. The modern design of the woman who runs in the future is inspired by the history of the area it is produced. A gold dot at the top of the paper origami commemorates the metal that was inside each column and stabilized the structure.

The road to the future is always connected to our past!

The Art of Giving

Dia Elis is carefully crafted to celebrate
the magic of shared moments.


Paying tribute to the Art of Giving this unique EVOO was created and destined as a gift to humanity and as the perfect gift for your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. These precious drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil come in sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. From first sight to the last drop it will leave not a single person untouched!

Dia Elis pink packaging stamp
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