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Dia Elis packaging

From the land that hosted the great athletic games of antiquity

From the land that praised peace, justice and armistice

From the land that honored the female priestess and athlete

DIA ELIS packaging in various angles

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dia Elis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the holy land of Ancient Elis. It is harvested manually from olive trees of up to 70 years old covering 40 acres of groves. The olives are collected in the latter half of October, in the early mornings, and taken to the mill by noon where the cold extraction process begins (at around 23 degrees Celsius). The olive oil produced is filtered and kept in stainless steel storage tanks with inert gas to prevent the slightest oxidation and reach you always fresh and fragrant.

Dia Elis EVOO combines the insuperable taste with health benefits. It is a High Phenolic Olive Oil (health claim indication EU 432/2012) with a very high content of beneficial antioxidants (a concentration of total phenols of 826mg/kg) rendering it a very beneficial health and wellness elixir. You can pair it with almost any food and enjoy its precious drops throughout the day.

Our precious drops are contained in a unique, handmade ceramic bottle of 300ml, in the shape of an ancient Greek column with an origami paper box as capital. 

Dia Elis EVOO has won many silver and gold awards in International Olive Oil Competitions around the world. 

London IOOC Gold 2022 logo medal
Olionomy Paris Tasting Award 2022 logo
Athena Silver 2022 logo award
Dia Elis bottle and glass of olive oil with the view of a greek island

Tasting Profile

Exceptional monovarietal Koroneiki that bursts with a very intense aroma of green olives and freshly cut grass. Very complex, it gives off aromas of apple, green banana, almond and citrus on the fruit side, accompanied by tomato and artichoke on the vegetal side. It culminates with fine and intense aromas of wild herbs and spices. 

On the palate, it is elegant, sweet, and powerful at the same time. Its fluid entry gives way to a balanced spiciness and bitterness of medium intensity. Its retronasal reminds us of green almond, olive leaves and herbs. A highly complex juice with a pleasant long-lasting finish. 

Suggested Food Pairings

Leafy greens, Greek salad, tomato sauce, white soft cheeses, legumes, cold soups, grilled red meats & poultry, salmon, fruit salads & chocolate desserts.

Where Diaelis EVOO is produced

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